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Kidz Literacy Cove (KLC)

Kidz Literacy Cove (KLC) is an educational centre committed to providing quality English enrichment to children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. Understanding the importance of English literacy as a gateway to other subjects, we have successfully inspired the learning of many children since 2012.

Our comprehensive programs help children build a strong foundation in English since young and consistently support them through their formal education in primary school. Our preschool programs are specially written and crafted to meet the needs of children in Singapore by Victoria Carlton, director of the International Centre for Excellence (Australia) and Master Trainer of Jolly Phonics. Proving to be highly effective, Victoria Carlton Literacy Programmes have bagged two awards thus far in the affirmation of its popularity. At KLC, every child is respected as a unique individual and parents are valued as our teaching partners.


Our Vision

Be an outstanding education cove that nurtures a world of keen and confident learners whose capacity for learning is limitless.

Our Mission

To provide quality education services aimed at building and enhancing the language skills of all children, giving them an edge in their development.

Our Values

Listen to children's needs

Read to children with passion and love

Write about children's success

Speak to parents as our teaching counterpart

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